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Entities are the basic building block in SpatialOS. Almost anything can be an entity, from players in a game to cars, buildings, islands, or any other object in a simulated world.

Here are the entities that make up a simulated city, as viewed through the Inspector:

A view onto some entities


An entity is defined by a set of components. Common components in a game might be things like Flammable and Navigation. Every entity has a Position component, designating where they are in the world.

Components can contain:

  • properties, which describe persistent values that change over time (for example, Position)
  • events, which are things can happen to an entity (for example, StartedWalking)
  • commands that another worker can call to ask the component to do something, optionally returning a value (for example, Teleport)

An entity can have as many or as few components as you like.

Find out more

To find out how to design and create entities (and more), see the Introduction to entities.

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