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SpatialOS is a platform for running large-scale simulated worlds. A simulated world can be anything from a MMO game world or a virtual city to a simulation of the internet or a model of the brain.

As long as your idea can be expressed in terms of independent entities that have a location in space, you can use SpatialOS to simulate it.

You can read more about its features on the main SpatialOS site.


The core concepts

The objects in a SpatialOS simulated world are represented by entities. These entities are defined by their components. Components are defined in a schema language, describing persistent properties, events that can happen to them, and commands they can implement.

Read more about entities

All of the ‘work’ in the simulated world - like making changes to components, and visualizing the world - is done by workers: microservices that SpatialOS can scale depending on the scale of the simulated world.

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You develop, debug and test your application on your local machine. Then you can run it at a much larger scale, and make it available to external users, by deploying it to the cloud.

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