These are the docs for 11.0, an old version of SpatialOS. The docs for this version are frozen: we do not correct, update or republish them. 14.5 is the newest →

Introduction to the SpatialOS tools

The SpatialOS SDK comes with a set of useful tools to help you develop your simulated world.

The spatial command line tool

The spatial command line tool is a set of commands for managing and developing SpatialOS projects. See the Spatial page for details.

The Console

The Console lists all deployments past and present, and for each deployment:

  • The deployment status, configurations and worker flags
  • Access to the deployment’s Inspector, metrics, and logs interfaces
  • Actions for launching the deployment (connecting to it) or sharing a Launcher link
  • The full history of assembly and snapshot files

The Inspector

The Inspector is a web-based tool that gives you a useful overview of a running simulated world, in both local and cloud deployments. See the Inspector page for more details.

The Launcher

The Launcher is a tool that can launch a platform-specific client so you can connect a client to a deployment running in the cloud. See the Launcher page for more details.


Logs are accessed differently for local and cloud deployments. Use the CLI and a log file locally, and a web-based logging interface for cloud deployments. See the logs page for details.


SpatialOS outputs a collection of useful metrics for cloud deployments, all of which are visible via Grafana embedded in the Console. See the metrics page for more details.


A snapshot is a representation of the state of a simulated world taken at some point in time. It stores each entity and the values of their components’ properties.

You can start a simulated world based on a snapshot: either a seed snapshot that you always start from, or the latest snapshot taken of your previous deployment.

See the Snapshots page for more details.

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