These are the docs for 11.0, an old version of SpatialOS. The docs for this version are frozen: we do not correct, update or republish them. 14.5 is the newest →

spatial local launch

Start a SpatialOS simulation locally.


Start a cloud-like SpatialOS environment which runs and manages the specified deployment configuration locally. Defaults to using ‘default_launch.json’ in the root of your project.If default_launch.json doesn’t exist, looks for ‘default_launch.pb.json’ in the root of your project.

spatial local launch [launch_configuration]


      --enable_jvm_debugging         Specifies whether to start JVM with the debugging capability.
      --enable_pre_run_check         Ensure that changes to the schema have been applied before starting a local deployment. (default true)
      --log_directory string         The path of the directory to contain logs (individual spatial local runs will be put in subdirectories by timestamp).
      --runtime_log_level string     The minimum log level required to display a log message in the CLI. Permitted values: debug, info, warn, error. (default "info")
      --show_internal_runtime_logs   If true, all runtime logs will be displayed (including internal system logs).
      --snapshot string              Relative path to a snapshot to be used when launching. If this flag is not specified and no legacy snapshot flags are not set in your deployment configuration, SpatialOS attempts to launch using the default snapshot snapshots/default.snapshot.


  • spatial local - Commands for developing and running a local SpatialOS project.

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