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Pirates tutorial: overview

Learn the principles of working with SpatialOS by adding simple features to a Unity multiplayer game.

This tutorial, based on a pirate ship game, will teach you how to develop a game using SpatialOS and Unity.

What you’ll learn

Through adding features to the game, you’ll learn about:

  • how to design game features in a way that takes advantage of SpatialOS
  • features of SpatialOS and its Unity SDK
  • command-line and deployment tools that come with SpatialOS
  • the local development workflow
  • how to deploy the game locally so you can test it, and to the cloud so you can play in multiplayer

Pirate ships on the water

We’ve created the bare bones of a game for you to build on. It’s a simple world where players have pirate ships that can move about through the world, exploring the seas and navigating between islands.

Game features

As you go through the tutorial, you’ll add the following gameplay features:

  • spawning enemy pirate ships that move around the world
  • giving ships the ability to fire cannons that damage other ships
  • giving ships the property of ‘health’
  • playing a sinking animation when a ship’s health falls to zero

You’ll finish this tutorial with both a conceptual and practical understanding of how to use SpatialOS to build your own game.

Begin the tutorial by starting the first lesson.

If you have any trouble, please ask for help on the forums!

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