These are the docs for 12.0, an old version of SpatialOS. The docs for this version are frozen: we do not correct, update or republish them. 14.5 is the newest →

This site, its contents and SpatialOS (“Improbable Materials”) contain confidential and proprietary materials of Improbable Worlds Limited (“Improbable”). You are granted a non-exclusive and revocable licence to view and use the Improbable Materials on a confidential basis for the purpose of facilitating you to understand and use SpatialOS and any related systems and assets. You agree to use the Improbable Materials for this purpose only and to keep them confidential and proprietary to Improbable. Improbable retains full ownership of the Improbable Materials and all intellectual property rights in them.

This site, its contents and SpatialOS are © 2016 Improbable Worlds Limited. Improbable, the Improbable logo and SpatialOS are trademarks of Improbable Worlds Limited. Patents pending. All rights reserved.

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