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The SpatialOS Unreal integration is currently in beta. We’re very open to feedback - don’t hesitate to get in touch on the forums if you have any thoughts.

Deploying an Unreal SDK project

To run your project, deploy and run it on SpatialOS. You can run it as a local deployment, or in the cloud.

Deploying the project locally

To deploy locally:

  1. Open a terminal, navigate to the root folder of your project and run spatial local launch default_launch.json to start the local deployment.
  2. Open your Unreal project in the Unreal Editor. Make sure you don’t accidentally open the project with a different version of Unreal since it will try to rebuild the project for that version.
  3. Press the ▷ Play button to join the game as a new player.

Deploying the project to the cloud

To deploy to the cloud:

  1. Open the project configuration file: spatialos.json, in the project root directory.
  2. Change the name value (currently your_project_name_here) to your SpatialOS project name.

    You can find yours in the SpatialOS console. It’ll be something like beta_someword_anotherword_000.

  3. Run spatial cloud upload <assembly name> to upload the assembly that was built when you built the project earlier. <assembly name> is a label that you can choose for this assembly, for example my_unreal_project_1.

  4. Run spatial cloud launch <assembly name> default_launch.json <deployment name> --snapshot=snapshots/default.snapshot.

    <deployment name> is a label for the deployment.

  5. If you don’t already have it, install the Improbable Launcher (Windows / Mac).

  6. Go to your console.

  7. Click on the deployment’s name.

  8. Launch a player client by clicking ▷ Launch.

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