These are the docs for 12.1, an old version of SpatialOS. The docs for this version are frozen: we do not correct, update or republish them. 14.5 is the newest →

SpatialOS release policies


SpatialOS releases are categorised as major, minor or patch and represented using standard semantic versioning (major.minor.patch).

  • Major releases include breaking changes, and will be accompanied by an upgrade guide as well as release notes.
  • Minor releases include new features and no breaking changes. They don’t require an upgrade guide, but release notes will be provided.
  • Patch releases contain only fixes and no breaking changes. They don’t require an upgrade guide. Release notes will typically be provided.

Breaking changes and deprecations

Occasionally, it is in the product’s best interest to change the functionality of or remove an API. This will result in a breaking, or non-backwards-compatible, change.

To prepare users for these updates, we will, whenever possible, make sure there is at least one minor or major version in which this API is deprecated. The upcoming change or removal to the API will be noted in the release notes and/or compilation warnings.

The breaking change will only occur in a major version, and any necessary upgrade instructions will be provided in the accompanying upgrade guide.

Support window

We’ll continue to provide patch releases with bug fixes for major versions of SpatialOS up to 9 months after their initial release date. Only the latest released minor version will be patched. Similarly, we only maintain and update documentation for the latest minor version of a major release.

Game engine support

We will endeavor to support the latest stable and recommended version of a game engine in either the next minor or major integration release following its launch, or in a release less than 3 months afterwards.

When we introduce support for a new version of a game engine, we will always support at least one of the previously supported versions (normally the highest) in parallel in order to facilitate smooth upgrades.


Though we strive not to, we do reserve the right to make out-of-policy releases, deprecations, or breaking changes due to issues such as security risks, or fixes with exceptional technical burden.

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