These are the docs for 12.1, an old version of SpatialOS. The docs for this version are frozen: we do not correct, update or republish them. 14.5 is the newest →

The Unreal SpatialOS toolbar is a new feature. We’re very open to feedback - don’t hesitate to get in touch on the forums if you have any thoughts.

The Unreal SpatialOS toolbar

The Unreal SpatialOS toolbar is an easy way to run spatial command-line tool commands from inside Unreal.

Add the SpatialOS toolbar to your Unreal project

To enable the Unreal SpatialOS toolbar:

  1. If you have custom build scripts, add a dependency to improbable_editor_toolbar_plugin in worker packages.

    1. Open spatialos_worker_packages.json and add the toolbar plugin to the targets list:

      "targets": [
        "path": "Game/Plugins",
        "type": "unreal",
        "packages": [
            "name": "improbable_editor_toolbar_plugin"
    2. Run spatial codegen to update the worker dependencies and download the plugin.

  2. Add a dependency to the plugin in your Unreal project file.


    • Open your Unreal project’s .uproject file in a text editor and add the SpatialOS editor toolbar in the Plugins section:

      "Plugins": [
              "Name": "SpatialOSEditorToolbar",
              "Enabled": true
    • Or, inside the Unreal Editor, navigate to Edit > Plugins and scroll down to the bottom. Select the SpatialOS section and enable SpatialOSEditorToolbar:


SpatialOS toolbar

The Unreal SpatialOS toolbar has three features mapped to individual buttons, and is displayed in the main editor toolbar to the right of the Launch button.


  • Launch

    Runs spatial local launch with the launch configuration specified in the settings (see below).

  • Stop

    Stops spatial local launch.

  • Inspector

    Opens the Inspector in a browser.


The toolbar settings are in Edit > Project Settings > Improbable > SpatialOSEditorToolbar.


  • Project Root Folder

    By default, this points to the root folder of your SpatialOS project. If you’re using a non-standard structure, you’ll need to set this yourself.

  • SpatialOS Launch Argument

    The launch configuration file to use when running spatial local launch using the Launch button.

  • Stop SpatialOS on Exit

    If enabled, shuts down running deployments when you close the Unreal editor.

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