These are the docs for 12.2, an old version of SpatialOS. The docs for this version are frozen: we do not correct, update or republish them. 14.5 is the newest →

Unity iOS support is currently in unsupported alpha, and isn’t fully tested yet.

Feel free to try it out and let us know how you get on, but if you find problems or bugs, we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to fix them soon.

Unity iOS support

Support for building Unity client workers for iOS platforms is cureently in alpha. You can run your SpatialOS Unity client workers on both iOS devices and simulators.


  • At least MacOS 10.12.6 (Sierra) and with Xcode 9 installed.
  • Unity 2017.3.0 installed.
  • “iOS Build Support” installed as an additional Unity component (specified when you install Unity).
  • Active enrolment in the Apple Developer Program for iOS, either as a team or as an individual.
    • An Apple Developer Account is not strictly required for developing only with the iOS Simulator. But it is still required for code-signing any external libraries, which is a necessary step in this guide.
    • Apple requires an active enrolment for developing and deploying on iOS devices.

Details about Apple Developer Accounts and the general distribution pipeline for Xcode and iOS is beyond the scope of this guide.

For more details, see Apple’s developer documentation.

Known issues

  • Currently, developing for iOS devices only works with remote deployments: you can perform iOS Device testing against a remote deployment using spatial cloud launch. Developing using the iOS Simulator works with both local and remote deployments.
  • When building out iOS workers with Unity, the generated XCode project contains compilation errors due to a bug with Unity IL2CPP code generation. See how to resolve these issues in our iOS Guide.

Getting started

The next section describes the steps required to getting with using SpatialOS with Unity iOS builds.

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