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Java SDK documentation

Java worker SDK

The Java worker SDK is one way to develop SpatialOS games with the worker SDK. It allows anyone to write a worker in Java to connect to a SpatialOS simulated world. Like any other worker, a Java worker can subscribe to information for a part of a simulated world, visualize it, and perform some computation on behalf of the simulated world.

A typical Java worker makes use of both the core API defined in the improbable.worker package, and Java generated code based on the user-specified simulated world schema.

If you’re using a game engine we don’t have an integration with, you can use this SDK (or one of the other language SDKs) to integrate that game engine with SpatialOS. See Integrating an engine for details.



  • Gradle 2.14 or later.
    • Please note that the Gradle Wrapper is not supported by provided build scripts.
    • We’ve tested against Gradle version 2.14, but later versions are expected to work too. To install it:
      • macOS: brew install gradle
      • Windows: choco install --yes gradle


On Windows, client workers depend on the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015.

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