These are the docs for 13.5, an old version of SpatialOS. The docs for this version are frozen: we do not correct, update or republish them. 14.5 is the newest →

Upgrade to the new Runtime

The new Runtime is available from SpatialOS version 13.4.

  • If you’ve created a SpatialOS project on or before 30th January 2019, and haven’t yet upgraded to the new Runtime, you need to do so now. Otherwise, you’ll get errors when you next try to launch a deployment.

  • If you’ve only created projects after 30th January 2019, you don’t need to upgrade to the new Runtime - you’ll be using it automatically.

GDK for Unity users:

  • If you’ve created a project with the GDK for Unity on a version earlier than 0.1.4, and haven’t yet upgraded to the new Runtime, you need to do so now.

  • If you’ve only created projects on the GDK version 0.1.4 or later, you’ll be using the new Runtime automatically.

The new Runtime is made up of the new bridge, the new load balancer, and the new entity database. You need to upgrade to the new bridge and load balancer - once you’ve done this, you’ll automatically be using the new entity database.

Upgrading to the new Runtime lets you use query-based interest. With query-based interest, you specify interest based on the components you’re authoritative over, using queries. You can use these queries to express precisely which components on other entities you are interested in, meaning that the worker only receives updates relevant to what it is simulating.

How to upgrade

Start by upgrading to the new bridge.

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