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Worker SDK in Java

The Worker SDK in Java is an implementation of the Worker SDK that allows developers to build workers as part of a SpatialOS game in Java.

The SDK provides functionality to write a worker that:

The SDK also includes methods to load and save snapshots of the entire simulation from and to a file (see Manipulating snapshots).

A typical Java worker uses both the core API defined in the improbable.worker package, and Java generated code based on the user-specified simulated world schema.

Using the Worker SDK in Java

The Java API closely mirrors the C# API.

The most important units of functionality in the Java API are:

  • The improbable.worker.Locator, which is responsible for querying for and connecting to remote cloud deployments.
  • The improbable.worker.Connection, which represents a worker’s connection to a SpatialOS simulated world.
  • The improbable.worker.Dispatcher, which is responsible for invoking user-provided callbacks based on data received from SpatialOS via the improbable.worker.Connection.
  • The improbable.worker.Entity, which is a container for the component data associated with a single entity.

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