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Frequently asked questions


How do I change my template mid-development?

If you are using one of our standard templates, you need to change the template name in your launch configuration file to match a template from the list of available templates.

If you are using a custom template, you need to use a custom launch configuration which we can provide for you.

What if none of the templates fit my game design?

If none of the templates are well suited to your game, we can discuss with you the option to create a custom template that better suits your needs.

Does pricing depend on the game engine I use for my server-workers?

No, pricing does not depend on the game engine you use. You can use any template with server-workers created with any game engine, including your own. However, it is likely that different game engines will have different performance profiles, which may influence your choice of template.

Does this pricing apply to non-gaming applications?

No. For non-gaming applications with the Improbable Solutions Platform (which includes SpatialOS) please contact to discuss pricing.

Monitoring usage

How do I track my usage of SpatialOS?

If you are using the paid tier, Improbable sends you a weekly email summarizing your usage. If there are specific people who you would like to receive this information, please let us know.

For monitoring your usage of each template (for example, how close your live deployment is to the performance limits of the template) there is a metrics dashboard.

What happens if I go over my egress bandwidth limit for my template?

An overage fee applies to the bandwidth above the template limit. This amount is included in the breakdown of your usage. To ensure that games continue to run without degradation, we will not terminate deployments or limit egress rates.

How granular is the billing for SpatialOS?

Prices are shown on a “per hour” basis for simplicity, but you will be invoiced a prorated amount based on the duration you use the template for, to the nearest minute (rounded up). The duration is measured as the difference between when the deployment is created and when it is terminated.

The minimum duration is 10 minutes, so if your deployment is live for less than 10 minutes, we calculate prices as if it ran for 10 minutes.

Does SpatialOS have any way to “hard limit” the amount of money I’m spending?

You can set a hard limit on the amount of money you spend by controlling the maximum number of deployments running. There is a fixed hourly price for using a template, and you control how many templates you use at once by deciding how many deployments you need for your project (you need one template per deployment). If you change the number of deployments you have running, your price will change.

The only exception to this is egress bandwidth, for which overage fees apply if you go beyond the amount included in the price of the template. However, the egress bandwidth allowance is designed to be sufficient for the majority of game types.

Billing and payment

Do prices include tax?

Prices are exclusive of local taxes and transaction charges.

How can I pay?

For all customers on the paid tier, we send an invoice at the end of the accrual period (monthly) detailing the amount due, and a payment due date. Payment must be made by bank transfer. We won’t send an invoice to customers using SpatialOS within the free tier.

What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms are net 30 days from the end of the accrual period.

What happens if I miss my payment date for SpatialOS?

We will first contact you to understand the reason for the missed payment. However, please note that late payments may be subject to interest at the rate of 1.5% per month (or the highest rate permitted by law, if less) from the payment due date until paid in full. We also reserve the right to suspend ongoing use of our services.

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