These are the docs for 13.8, an old version of SpatialOS. The docs for this version are frozen: we do not correct, update or republish them. 14.5 is the newest →

Please note that the below applies to use of SpatialOS for gaming applications. For non-gaming applications with the Improbable Solutions Platform (which includes SpatialOS) please contact to discuss pricing.

Pricing introduction

SpatialOS has a free tier and a paid tier. In the paid tier, we charge for hosting when you launch cloud-based game instances (deployments). This applies whether you are testing or launching your game.

In order to start an instance of your game in the cloud with SpatialOS, you need to launch a deployment. For each deployment, you choose a game template. The template gives you all the cloud resources you need to run a single SpatialOS deployment: provisioned compute for your game servers, bandwidth allowance for sending data to players, provisioned capacity for the SpatialOS Runtime, and our monitoring and debugging tooling. You can use the resources provided by the game template to create any type of multiplayer game with SpatialOS, as long as you stay within the resource limits.

You choose a game template based on the size of your game instance, and we charge based on the template you choose, how long your deployment runs for (to the nearest minute), and where it is hosted. There are no additional cloud costs for hosting.

You can compare game templates to hosting available from cloud infrastructure providers:

traditional vs SpatialOS infrastructure Traditional cloud hosting compared with SpatialOS hosting

Free tier

Everyone who signs up for SpatialOS is automatically enrolled in the free tier. The free tier is ideal for starting development, prototyping a game, conducting technical evaluation, or just learning how to use SpatialOS. It gives you the ability to run one cloud deployment at any time using a specified game template. It also lets you use SpatialOS on your local machine, and offers free support via the forums.

For information about which templates you can use on the free tier, and what they provide, see Pricing details.

You need to use the paid tier if:

  • you want to use any game templates beyond those provided by the free tier, or
  • you want to run more than one game instance (deployment) simultaneously.

We provide a range of templates which are ideal for getting started. As you progress through development and your game design becomes more static, we can provide custom templates that are a tighter fit to your requirements.

With our paid tier, all deployments automatically receive a 99.9% uptime guarantee as set out in this SLA.

To get set up with the paid tier you need to contact Improbable.

For information about how much the different game templates cost and what they provide, see Pricing details.

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