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Deployment runs

A deployment run is a deployment that you launch at a specific time with a specific name, assembly, and snapshot. Each deployment run is assigned an int64 number as a unique identifier, which is called the Run ID.

The following screenshot shows an example of the structure of a deployment on the Deployment Overview page in the Console:

Run ID: A unique identifier for a specific deployment run


  • Project is the project name to label your project, which is generated when you sign up for SpatialOS.
  • Deployment is the deployment name to identify a cloud deployment in the Console, which you enter when you launch a cloud deployment.
  • Run ID is the unique identifier for the deployment run, which is automatically assigned when you launch a deployment.

Note: In the Platform SDK APIs, ID is used instead as a unique identifier for each deployment run.

Identifying a specific deployment run: deployment name vs Run ID

When you launch a deployment with a specific assembly and snapshot, depending on your setup and workflow, you can enter the deployment name using one of the following methods. The method that you choose can affect how you identify a specific deployment run:

  • If you enter a different deployment name each time, this name is enough to uniquely identify a particular run of the deployment.
  • If you enter the same deployment name each time, the deployment name is not enough to identify a particular deployment run. Instead, you can use the Run ID to do this.

    Exception: If you run the same deployment multiple times at the same time, you can’t use the same name for each of them.

For simplicity, elsewhere in the documentation, we use the term deployment rather than deployment run to refer to a particular run of a deployment.

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