These are the docs for 14.3, an old version of SpatialOS. 14.5 is the newest →

Improbable.SpatialOS.ServiceAccount.V1Alpha1 Namespace

Namespace: Improbable.SpatialOS.ServiceAccount


CreateServiceAccountRequest A request to create a new service account.
ListServiceAccountsRequest A request used to list all the service accounts you have permission to view.
Permission EXAMPLE: For the permission, [r,w]:prj/gamex [r,w] represented by READ, WRITE VERBs prj/gamex represented by "prj", "gamex" PARTs
ServiceAccount A representation of service account containing the information required to display them to a user.
ServiceaccountReflection Holder for reflection information generated from proto/improbable/spatialos/serviceaccount/v1alpha1/serviceaccount.proto
ServiceAccountService ServiceAccountService provides methods for managing service accounts.
ServiceAccountServiceClient ServiceAccountService client wrapper, for convenient use.
ServiceAccountServiceClientImpl ServiceAccountService client wrapper implementation, for convenient use.
ServiceAccountServiceSettings Settings for a ServiceAccountServiceClient.

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