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World commands

This document relates to the MonoBehaviour workflow.

Before reading this document, make sure you are familiar with

About commands

Commands are SpatialOS’s equivalent of remote procedure calls (Wikipedia). You use commands to send messages between two workers. Commands are relevant to both MonoBehaviour and ECS workflows.

There are two types of commands in SpatialOS:

  • World commands are pre-set commands for reserving, creating, deleting and requesting information about SpatialOS entities.
  • Component commands you set up in your schema for workers to invoke on any SpatialOS entity’s components.

The commands documentation is:

How to send and receive world commands

We provide the following type for sending and receiving world commands:

  • WorldCommandSender

We do not provide a WorldCommandReceiver as the SpatialOS Runtime directly handles the command.

The WorldCommandSender can be injected without any condition. A MonoBehaviour that requires only this will be enabled as soon as the associated GameObject is created.

If you would like to see how you can use these world commands to create or delete entities, we recommend you to read the how to create and delete SpatialOS entities document.


You can use the WorldCommandSender.SendCreateEntityCommand method to request the creation of a new SpatialOS entity. It has the following signature:

void SendCreateEntityCommand(WorldCommands.CreateEntity.Request request, Action<WorldCommands.CreateEntity.ReceivedResponse> callback = null);


  • WorldCommands.CreateEntity.Request request: The command request payload.
  • Action<WorldCommands.CreateEntity.ReceivedResponse> callback: Optional. A callback that will be called when the command response is received.


Like other commands, a CreateEntity command response can time out, but the entity might still be created. As we do not know which ID was used by the SpatialOS Runtime to create this entity, the worker needs to retry the CreateEntity command request. This might lead to creating multiple entities as a new entity ID will be used by the SpatialOS Runtime, if the previous CreateEntity command did succeed. To avoid this, the worker can reserve an entity ID before sending the CreateEntity command request. Depending on the command response, you should do the following:

  • The command succeeded: The entity got successfully created.
  • The command failed with the status code ApplicationError and the following message: Entity reservation failed. The entity with Id <{id}> could not be found. The reservation might have expired or never existed.
    If you have used the entity ID that you received from the ReserveEntityIds command response for sending the CreateEntity commands, then your entity has already been created and you don’t need to retry it anymore.
  • The command timed out or another error appeared: retry the command.

You can use the WorldCommandSender.SendReserveEntityIdsCommand method to send a command request to reserve entity ids. It has the following signature:

void SendReserveEntityIdsCommand(WorldCommands.ReserveEntityIds.Request request, Action<WorldCommands.ReserveEntityIds.ReceivedResponse> callback = null);


  • WorldCommands.ReserveEntityIds.Request request: The command request payload.
  • Action<WorldCommands.ReserveEntityIds.ReceivedResponse> callback: Optional. A callback that will be called when the command response is received.


You can use the SendDeleteEntityCommand method to request the deletion of a SpatialOS entity given its SpatialOS entity ID. It has the following signature:

void SendDeleteEntityCommand(WorldCommands.DeleteEntity.Request request, Action<WorldCommands.DeleteEntity.ReceivedResponse> callback = null)


  • WorldCommands.DeleteEntity.Request request: The command request payload.
  • Action<WorldCommands.DeleteEntity.ReceivedResponse> callback: Optional. A callback that will be called when the command response is received.

Do not manually delete GameObjects representing entities after sending a DeleteEntity command. You should wait until you receive a callback on .


You can use entity queries to get information about entities in the SpatialOS game world.

You can use the SendEntityQueryCommand method to request information about the entities.It has the following signature:

void SendEntityQueryCommand(WorldCommands.EntityQuery.Request request, Action<WorldCommands.EntityQuery.ReceivedResponse> callback = null)


  • WorldCommands.EntityQuery.Request request: The command request payload.
  • Action<WorldCommands.EntityQuery.ReceivedResponse> callback: Optional. A callback that will be called when the command response is received.

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