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Get started: 2 - Open the FPS Starter Project

Launch the Unity Editor. It should automatically detect the project but if it doesn’t, select Open and then select gdk-for-unity-fps-starter-project/workers/unity.

TIP: The first time you open the Starter Project in your Unity Editor, It takes about 10 minutes; it’s much quicker to open after this. (While you are waiting, you could look at our Games Blog.)

Before you start, apply these two quick Unity bug fixes:


There is a known issue in the preview version of the High Definition Render Pipeline, where shaders do not fully compile and appear visually darker than intended.

There is a quick fix however:

  1. In your Unity Editor, open the FPS Starter Project; it’s located in workers/unity.
  2. In your Editor’s Project window, navigate to Assets > Fps > Art > Materials.
  3. Right-click on the Source_Shaders directory and select Reimport.

    Unity Editor menu to reimport shaders

Bake Navmesh

There is a known issue in the Unity Editor regarding importing NavMeshes. The Unity Editor does not import the NavMesh for the FPS-SimulatedPlayerCoordinator correctly when you open the project for the first time. To fix this, you need to rebake the NavMesh for this Scene. To do this:

  1. In the Project window (Unity documentation), open the FPS-SimulatedPlayerCoordinator Scene located at Assets/Fps/Scenes.
  2. In the Hierarchy window (Unity documentation), click on the FPS-Start_Large object to see it in the Inspector window (Unity documentation), and enable the object by clicking the checkbox next to its name.
  3. Open the Navigation window (Unity Editor menu: Windows > AI > Navigation).
  4. Select the Bake tab, and then the Bake button.
  5. You can verify that the NavMesh is baked correctly by navigating to Assets > Fps > Scenes > FPS-SimulatedPlayerCoordinator and checking that there’s a NavMesh object listed. The NavMesh object is usually represented by the icon below.

    NavMesh image showing it’s baked correctly

TIP: You may get a number of warnings displayed in the Unity Editor Console window. You can ignore the warnings at this stage; use the message icons on the right-hand side of the Console window to set it to display only info and error messages.

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