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Setting up Android support for the GDK

Get the dependencies for developing Android games

  1. Follow the steps in Get the dependencies and additionally install Android build support for Unity.
  2. Install Android prerequisites:
    • Android Studio - Once installed, open Android Studio. Ensure to install:
      • The Android SDK
      • The Android Studio emulator
    • Android NDK r13b - Extract it to a directory of your choice. Note down this directory path as you will be needing it in the following steps.
    • JDK 8
  3. (Optional) Unity Remote - this is Unity’s solution for faster development iteration times.

Set up your Unity Editor

After installing these dependencies, open the Unity project in <path-to-your-project>/workers/unity.

  1. In the Unity Editor, go to File > Build Settings. Select Android and then click on Switch Platform.
  2. In the Unity Editor, go to Edit > Preferences. In the External Tools window, add the file paths to the tools in the Android section:
Field How to find the path
SDK You can find the SDK location by opening Android Studio and selecting Configure from the launcher.
JDK Windows: default path is C:\Program Files\Java
Mac: run which java to retrieve the path.
NDK Use the directory path that you noted down earlier when extracting the Android NDK.

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