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Ways to test your iOS client

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Unity provides multiple ways to test your iOS client-worker. We integrated them all to work with SpatialOS. This documentation describes the benefits of the different options.

In the Editor

For standard workflows and for minor changes, run your game in the Editor. When the build platform is set for iOS, it executes code that is in preprocessor #if UNITY_IOS clauses. This way, you have the full capabilities and ease of use of the Unity Editor, while still testing code that would otherwise only run on a mobile device.

Unity Remote

With the Unity Remote, you don’t have to spend time building and deploying your game, reducing development iteration times. It mirrors the Unity Editor’s Game view on your mobile device, giving you quick feedback on how the game looks on a mobile device. However, it does not provide the full native capabilities of the game running on a device.

For more information, see the following documentation:

iOS Simulator

The iOS Simulator simulates iOS devices on your development computer so that you can test your game on a variety of devices and iOS versions without needing a physical device. You need to build and deploy your game to use the Simulator.

For more information, see the following documentation:

iOS device

While it takes time to build and deploy, this option provides the full native capabilities of deploying the game to a device; good picture quality, instant feedback, and snappy controls.

For more information, see the following documentation:

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