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SpatialOS GDK for Unity known issues

Known issue = any major user-facing bug or lack of user-facing feature that: 1. diverges from vanilla Unity ECS design or implementation OR 1. diverges from user expectations from a SpatialOS project (e.g. interacting across worker boundaries)

Issue Date added Unity Ticket Workaround?
IL2CPP does not currently work on Mac as it crashes upon starting the game. This is due to a bug in Unity that does not initialize a system correctly, if one of the injected IComponentData contains a long. 2018/08/31 1076596 Use the Mono compiler.
There is a bug in the preview version of the High Definition Render Pipeline (Unity Blog), where shaders do not fully compile and appear visually darker than intended. 2018/10/12 566245 Manually reimport shaders.
The Unity Editor doesn’t correctly import navmeshes. 2018/10/12 None Manually regenerate the navmesh after opening the project.

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