Command line interface

The build system exposes a command line interface (CLI) that you can use to build your GDK for Unity workers. This is useful for building your project on a headless machine or in a continuous integration context.

We expose a single static method: Improbable.Gdk.BuildSystem.WorkerBuilder.Build for use in the CLI. It accepts the following arguments:

  • buildWorkerTypes: REQUIRED. The type of the worker to build.
  • buildTarget: REQUIRED. The target for the worker build. Either local or cloud.
  • scriptingBackend: Optional. Which scripting backend to use for the build. Either mono or il2cpp. If ommitted, this defaults to mono.


To invoke this method, you need to invoke Unity over the command line like the following:

Unity.exe -projectPath "${GDK_PROJECT_PATH}" \
    -batchmode \
    -quit \
    -logfile ${LOG_FILE_PATH} \
    -executeMethod "Improbable.Gdk.BuildSystem.WorkerBuilder.Build" \
    +buildWorkerTypes "UnityClient" \
    +buildTarget "cloud" \
    +scriptingBackend "mono"

This command builds the UnityClient worker type for cloud with the mono scripting backend.

Note: Unity.exe may not be in your path. You may need to call it via a fully qualified path.

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