Deployment Launcher Feature Module

This feature module contains Unity Editor tooling for uploading assemblies, and managing SpatialOS deployments.


Add this feature module to your project via the Package Manager UI.

Or add it to your Packages/manifest.json:

  "dependencies": {
    "io.improbable.gdk.deploymentlauncher": "0.3.3"


  1. Create a Deployment Configuration asset by selecting Assets > Create > SpatialOS > Deployment Launcher Config from the Unity Editor menu.
  2. Open the Deployment Launcher window by selecting SpatialOS > Deployment Launcher from the Unity Editor menu.

Please refer to the detailed documentation for each of the functions of the Deployment Launcher:

Change my project in the Deployment Launcher

The Deployment Launcher reads your SpatialOS project name from the spatialos.json file in the root of your SpatialOS project. To change which project the Deployment Launcher uses:

  1. Change the project name in your spatialos.json.
  2. Press the refresh button in the Deployment Launcher window, next to the Project Name label to reload the project name.

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