Set up basic spawning

Set up your GameObject prefabs

The GameObjectCreatorFromMetadata class is the default implementation for spawning GameObjects for your SpatialOS entities. This class expects your GameObject prefabs to be in a particular place in your project.

The GameObjectCreatorFromMetadata uses the entity_type field in the Metadata component along with the worker instance’s type to determine which prefab to spawn.

You can set the entity_type field in the Metadata component when declaring your EntityTemplate.

For a given worker type <worker-type> it will first look for a prefab at:


Then, if it can’t find one there, it will look for a prefab at:


If the prefab is not found at either location, a GameObject will not be spawned for that SpatialOS entity

This leads to the following rules for representing a SpatialOS Entity as a GameObject:

  • The prefab must be named <Metadata.entity_type>.
  • For a specific worker, use the Resources/Prefabs/<worker-type> directory.
  • For a prefab that is common to any worker, use the Resources/Prefabs/Common.

Set up your worker connector

You then need to add the underlying systems to your worker. Open your WorkerConnector implementation and add the following line to the HandleWorkerConnectionEstablished method.


Note: You may need to override the HandleWorkerConnectionEstablished method in your WorkerConnector implementation if you haven’t already.

This adds the GameObjectInitializationSystem with an instance of the GameObjectCreatorFromMetadata class to your worker.

If you have a worker prefab that you wish to link to your worker instance, you should replace the line noted above with:

    GameObjectCreationHelper.EnableStandardGameObjectCreation(Worker.World, workerPrefabInstance);

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