Get started: Introduction

Get started with SpatialOS for Unity by launching a cloud deployment of our FPS Starter Project. This introduces you to the workflows and tooling you use with SpatialOS and Unity, allowing you to run your game at scale, with up to 200 simulated player-clients running in the cloud.

If you’re ready to get started, the Get started guide takes you through setting up the GDK and launching the FPS Starter Project.

Once you have completed this introduction, you are then ready to learn how to build your own features. The tutorial for adding Health Pickups introduces you to this development experience.

We recommend starting with the FPS Starter Project by going to the next step: Set up, but you can get going with the Blank Starter Project if you prefer this route.

Note: Whichever route you choose, you need basic proficiency in programming in Unity, version control systems (such as Git), and command line interfaces (CLI) to use the SpatialOS GDK for Unity.

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Instant action in the FPS Starter Project

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