A snapshot is a representation of the state of a simulated world at some point in time. It stores each persistent entity and the values of their components’ properties.

You use a snapshot as the starting point for your world when you deploy.

How to create a snapshot

Currently, you generate a snapshot with code. The GDK provides a Snapshot class which allows you to easily add entities and write the snapshot to disk. A snapshot consists of a set of entities. In the GDK, these entities are defined by its template.

A simple example of generating a snapshot:

public static void GenerateSnapshot() 
    // Create a snapshot object
    var snapshot = new Snapshot();

    // Create a template...
    var template = new EntityTemplate();
    template.AddComponent(new Position.Snapshot(playerSpawnerLocation), WorkerUtils.UnityGameLogic);
    template.AddComponent(new Metadata.Snapshot("Cube"), WorkerUtils.UnityGameLogic);
    template.AddComponent(new Persistence.Snapshot(), WorkerUtils.UnityGameLogic);
    template.SetReadAccess(WorkerUtils.UnityGameLogic, WorkerUtils.UnityClient, WorkerUtils.MobileClient);
    template.SetComponentWriteAccess(EntityAcl.ComponentId, WorkerUtils.UnityGameLogic);

    // ..and add it to the snapshot.

    // WriteToFile operates relative to your working directory.
    // In the Unity Editor, this is the Assets directory of your Unity project.

A common usage pattern is to expose the snapshot generation through a Unity Editor menu item or window. You can see an example of this in the FPS Starter Project. This allows you to quickly generate a snapshot with a few clicks!

How to start a deployment from a snapshot

You can start a local deployment via the Unity Editor menu: SpatialOS > Local launch (Ctrl+L/Cmd+L). This starts a deployment with the snapshot found at <spatialos_project_root>/snapshots/default.snapshot. If you wish to launch via the CLI or with a different snapshot, see the section below.

You can start a cloud deployment using the Deployment Launcher Feature Module. This feature module allows you to configure which snapshot you want to start your cloud deployment with.

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