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Get the dependencies

To start using the SpatialOS GDK for Unity you’ll need to create a SpatialOS account, install some dependencies and clone the GDK repository.

Sign up for a SpatialOS account, or make sure you are logged in

If you have already signed up, make sure you are logged into If you are logged in, you should see your picture in the top right of this page; if you are not logged in, select Sign in at the top of this page and follow the instructions.

If you have not signed up before, you can do this here.

Set up your machine

Make sure you have chosen the right build support

  • You need Linux build support. This is because server-workers in a cloud deployment run in a Linux environment.
  • You need Mac build support if you are developing on a Windows PC and want to share your game with Mac users.
  • You need Windows build support if you are developing on a Mac and want to share your game with Windows PC users.
  • Unity gives you build support for your development machine (Windows or Mac) by default.

Android and iOS support

Mobile support is in pre-alpha. If you are developing a game for Android or iOS, refer to our GDK for Unity mobile support documentation

Need some help?

If you need help using the GDK, come and talk to us about the software and the documentation via:

  • The SpatialOS forums - Visit the support section in our forums and use the unity-gdk tag.
  • Discord - Find us in the #unity channel. You may need to grab Discord here.
  • Github issues - Create an issue in this repository.

Clone the SpatialOS GDK for Unity repository

To run the GDK for Unity, you need to download the source code. To do this, you need to clone the GDK repository.

Using a terminal:

Clone the SpatialOS GDK for Unity repository using one of the following terminal commands:

HTTPS git clone
SSH git clone

Using GitHub Desktop

To clone the repository using GitHub desktop: navigate to File > Clone Repository, select the URL tab and enter into the URL or username/repository field, then select Clone.

The GDK repository is a SpatialOS project called gdk-for-unity. It contains:

  • a Unity project at gdk-for-unity/workers/unity, which you need to open in your Unity editor in order to use the GDK
  • SpatialOS features, such as the schema and snapshot files

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