Cloud deployment workflow

The following flowchart provides a reference of the cloud deployment workflow on the GDK.

If you haven’t already, please follow the GDK Starter Template guide which provides a detailed explanation of the different steps.

You may find the following command-line snippets useful as reference:

Build server-worker assembly

Game\Plugins\UnrealGDK\SpatialGDK\Build\Scripts\BuildWorker.bat <YourProject>Server Linux Development <YourProject>.uproject

Replacing <YourProject> with the name of your Unreal project.

Build client-worker assembly

Game\Plugins\UnrealGDK\SpatialGDK\Build\Scripts\BuildWorker.bat <YourProject> Win64 Development <YourProject>.uproject

Replacing <YourProject> with the name of your Unreal project.

Upload assembly

spatial cloud upload <myassembly>

Replacing <myassembly> with the name you choose to give your assembly.

This command must be run from the spatial directory of your project.

Launch cloud deployment

spatial cloud launch --snapshot=snapshots/default.snapshot <myassembly> <launch_config>.json <deployment_name>


  • <myassembly> - identifies the worker assemblies to use (as chosen in the spatial cloud upload command).
  • <launch_config>.json - declares the world and load balancing configuration.
  • <deployment_name> - labels the deployment for SpatialOS to reference in the Console.

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