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Get started: 1 - Get the dependencies

To get going with the GDK, you need the right hardware and software.


  • Refer to the UE4 recommendation (Unreal documentation)
  • Recommended storage: 60GB+ available space

Network settings


To build the SpatialOS GDK for Unreal module you need the following installed:

  • Windows 10, with Command Prompt or PowerShell as your terminal
  • Git for Windows
  • SpatialOS version 13.2. This installs:
  • The Windows SDK 8.1
  • Visual Studio 2015 or 2017 (we recommend 2017). During the installation, make sure you select the following items in the Workloads tab:
    • Universal Windows Platform development
    • Desktop development with C++
    • Game development with C++

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