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Get started with the SpatialOS GDK for Unreal by building the GDK’s Unreal Engine Fork and setting up a project. You can set up either or both of the following projects:

  • The Example Project is a session-based FPS game. It gives an overview of the GDK and using SpatialOS, including deploying your game to SpatialOS in the cloud and on your development machine - useful for testing during development.

  • The Starter Template is a template project you can use as a base to create your own new project running on SpatialOS.

After you set up with the Example Project or Starter Template, you can check out the following tutorials and guides:

  • Tutorial on multiple deployments for session-based games:
    Use the Deployment Manager to launch multiple deployments of the Example Project in the cloud - useful for time-limited match-based games, such as battle royales.

  • The Multiserver Shooter tutorial:
    Learn more about the the GDK’s functionality by implement shooting across the boundaries of different servers simulating one game world. In this tutorial, you will set up a new game; the Mutliserver Shooter Game.

  • The Porting guide:
    Port your existing UE project to SpatialOS.

Your feedback and ideas

We’d love to hear from you - drop into our forums or discord to give us feedback on your getting started experience, our documentation, our development roadmap, or anything else!

Find us on the SpatialOS Discord in the #unreal channel. You can get Discord here.

The SpatialOS forums
Visit the feedback section in our forums and use the unreal-gdk tag. This link takes you there and pre-fills the category and tag.

GitHub issues
Create an issue in this repository.

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