Helper scripts

These scripts are located under Plugins\UnrealGDK\SpatialGDK\Build\Scripts\ directory of your game.

Helper script Parameters Description
BuildWorker.bat <target> <platform> <configuration> <YourGame>.uproject [--skip-codegen] Run this script from the command line to build your game’s Unreal server-workers and client-workers ready for uploading as a SpatialOS cloud deployment or set them up for testing in a local deployment in the Unreal Editor on your development machine.

Some parameters also cook your workers to Unreal format and zip them up. (A SpatialOS cloud deployment requires built workers in zipped files.)

(In the example and list below, <YourGame> is the name of your Unreal project.)

BuildWorker.bat <YourGame>Editor Win64 Development <YourGame>.uproject

This is the output file the built workers are stored in. They are Unreal’s build target files. The target can be:
* <YourGame>Editor: Set up server-workers for a local deployment for testing in the Unreal Editor on your development machine. This option does not cook or zip server-workers as this is not needed for local deployments.
* <YourGame>Server: Build, cook and zip server-workers ready for upload to the SpatialOS cloud as a cloud deployment.
* <YourGame>: Cooks a stand-alone version of the game to test it as a game client.

If you specify other Unreal <target>, this script passes all arguments to the UE script, \Engine\Build\BatchFiles\Build.batwith no cooking or zipping.

Specify the platform your built server-worker or game client to runs on. This is:
* linux for your server-workers
* win64 for you game client exectuable

Use the Unreal build configuration Development which is the one you usually use during game development.

* --skip-codegen is optional, add this if you want the build script to NOT generate schema.

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