Versioning scheme

The SpatialOS GDK for Unreal consists of:

These repositories all follow the same versioning scheme, as described below:


  • MAJOR: indicates the major version, currently 0 as the GDK is in Alpha. We do not provide any long term support and stability guarantees on any versions, and do not backport fixes. The major version will turn to 1 when we enter Beta.
  • MINOR: indicates the minor version. Released about once a month and containing significant features. Not backward compatible while the GDK is in Alpha.
  • PATCH: indicates updates containing significant patch releases. Not backwards compatible while the GDK is in Alpha.
  • (-preview): if present, indicates versions which are preview-only. These versions are less stable than others and do not contain full documentation. They are opt-in and they live on the preview branch, as opposed to release.

For example:

Which branches to use

When setting up the GDK for your project, you need to decide which branch of each of the repositories (listed above) to clone.

The most stable version is always the release branch, which is set as the default branch for each repository. We test this branch end-to-end with the SpatialOS SDKs, Tools, and Metagame Services, and it is fully documented. We update it a few times a year as part SpatialOS for Unreal milestones such as 2019.1.

An alternative option is to use the preview branch. This branch contains the latest *-preview version, which we test using selected customer projects, but not as extensively as versions in release. Preview releases are for teams already developing on the GDK and working closely with Improbable.

In summary:

Branch Update frequency Maturity Support policy
release A few times per year (as part of SpatialOS for Unreal milestones such as 2019.1). Fully tested, stable, and documented. Fully supported via our forums and Discord.
preview ~Monthly Minimal tested focused on partner projects. Documentation is incomplete. Support is only provided to customers on the paid support tier.

Unreal Engine fork branches

The Unreal Engine fork follows the versioning and branches pattern described above, but the branch names have X.XX-SpatialOSUnrealGDK following prepended to them (where X.XX is the Unreal Engine version of the fork.)

For example:

  • 4.22-SpatialOSUnrealGDK-release (default)
  • 4.22-SpatialOSUnrealGDK-preview

when Unreal Engine 4.22 is the version supported.

Unreal Engine version support

The GDK and the Example Project only support one version of Unreal Engine at a time. This version is the Unreal Engine fork repository’s default branch, and is indicated in the Get started documentation.

To facilitate a smooth upgrade for your project, when we introduce support for a new Unreal Engine version, we also support the previously Engine version in parallel, for one GDK release. For example, GDK version 0.6.0 introduces Unreal Engine 4.22 support, but is also the last GDK version to support 4.20-SpatialOSUnrealGDK-release.

We endeavour to support the latest stable and recommended version of Unreal Engine less than 3 months after it’s released. To see when a new version will be supported, check out the Development Roadmap.

2019-08-07 Page updated: clarified what the GDK consists of
2019-07-21 Page added with limited editorial review

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