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SpatialOS concepts: schema and snapshots


Schema is a set of definitions which represent your game’s Actors and subobjects in SpatialOS. Schema is defined in .schema files and written in schemalang.

When you use the GDK, the schema files and their contents are generated automatically so you do not have to write or edit schema files manually.

SpatialOS uses schema to generate APIs specific to the SpatialOS entity components in your project. You can then use these APIs in your game’s worker types so their instances can interact with SpatialOS entity components.

You can find out how to use schema in the schema reference documentation


A snapshot is a representation of the state of a SpatialOS world at a given point in time. It stores each persistent SpatialOS entity and the values of their SpatialOS componentsproperties.

You can find out how to use snapshots in the snapshot reference documentation.

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