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2: Generate an authentication token

Note: This section describes generating and using development authentication tokens. These are for in-development testing only. They are for early-stage development so you don’t have to create your own game authentication service before testing your game clients. Do not include development authentication tokens in production projects.

Step 1: Generate a token

To ensure that game clients are able to see all available deployments and can connect to them, you must generate a development authentication token and update your project’s code with the generated token.

To generate a development authentication token:

  1. Open a terminal window and navigate to \UnrealGDKExampleProject\spatial
  2. Run the following SpatialOS CLI command:

spatial project auth dev-auth-token create --description exampleProjectDeploymentToken.

This creates a temporary authentication token that lasts for 30 days. For information about updating and refreshing development authentication tokens, refer to the development authentication token documentation.

In the terminal window, copy the string displayed after tokenSecret and make a note of it, you will use this token secret in the next step. This token is always 100 characters long and ends in an equals (=) sign.

Step 2: Add the token to your project

Next, you must add your development authentication token to the Example Project code.

  1. In File Explorer, navigate to UnrealGDKExampleProject\Game\Source\GDKShooter\Private\Deployments and double click DeploymentsPlayerController.cpp to open it.
  2. With DeploymentsPlayerController.cpp open, search for PITParams->development_authentication_token and replace “REPLACE ME" with the tokenSecret string you copied in step 3.

    Image: The development authentication token id code as shown in Visual Studio
  3. Save your changes.
  4. In the directory UnrealEngine\Samples\UnrealGDKExampleProject\Game, double-click GDKShooter.sln to open it with Visual Studio.
  5. Press F5 on your computer’s keyboard or, from the Visual Studio toolbar, select Local Windows Debugger to launch a debug build of your project.

If your project opens without errors you have successfully added the developer authentication token to your project.

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