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[Deprecated] Multiple deployments for session-based games

This tutorial is deprecated. To manage a game with multiple deployments, please use the deployment pool module of the SpatialOS Online Services.

This tutorial uses the Example Project from the GDK’s setup guide.

In this tutorial, you will use the Deployment Manager to launch multiple deployments of the Example Project in the cloud.

Multiple deployments of your game are useful for time-limited match-based games where you have multiple game sessions with a defined number of players, such as battle royales. The tutorial guides you through cloning the SpatialOS Deployment Manager repository and configuring the Example Project to work with the Deployment Manager, before launching your deployments via the Deployment Manager.


  • You can only use the Deployment Manager in the cloud; it isn’t available for local deployments.
  • Before starting this tutorial you need to complete the whole of Example Project set up guide..

> Next: 1: Clone the Deployment Manager

Image: The Example Project deployment list screen

2019-10-16 Tutorial deprecated
2019-05-21 Page added with editorial review

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