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[Experimental] Multiserver zoning

This tutorial is a preview demonstrating early multiserver zoning functionality in the GDK. Please note we do not recommend development of multiserver projects using server zoning at this time.

For more information on multiserver zoning, see our development roadmap and Unreal features support pages.

What the tutorial covers

Following this tutorial, you implement cross-server remote procedure calls (RPCs) for simple first-person shooter functionality in the GDK’s Example Project. The end result is a multiplayer, cloud-hosted Unreal game running across multiple server-workers that players can seamlessly move between and shoot across. It demonstrates multiserver zoning and looks something like the animation below.

Image: Example of cross-server shooting using multiserver zoning functionality.

The tutorial demonstrates that the workflows and iteration speed you’re used to as an Unreal developer are almost entirely unaltered by the GDK: it’s just like regular Unreal.

Change your branch of the Example Project

Before starting this tutorial you need to complete the Example Project setup guide. Following this, you clone or download and set up all the elements of the GDK and its dependencies, including the Example Project.

To follow the multiserver zoning tutorial, you need to change your Example Project branch from release (which is the default) to multiserver-tutorial-start. To do this:

  1. If you have Unreal Editor open, close it.
  2. In GitHub, change your Example Project branch to multiserver-tutorial-start.
    To do this, open a terminal window, navigate to directory containing your cloned Example Project (this will be ...\UnrealEngine\samples\UnrealGDKExampleProject) and enter git checkout -b multiserver-tutorial-start.
  3. Open the project in Visual Studio.
    To do this, in File Explorer, in the directory ...\UnrealEngine\samples\UnrealGDKExampleProject\Game, double-click on GDKShooter.sln.
  4. In Visual Studio, select Local Windows Debugger in the toolbar to open your project in the Unreal Editor.

You can now set up replication of health changes.

> Next: 1: Set up replication

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