Port your project to SpatialOS


You can find Spatial log files for your local deployments in <ProjectRoot>\spatial\logs\.

  • spatial_<datetime>.log contains all of the logs printed to your terminal during local deployments. - There are also timestamped folders here which contain additional logs:
    1. <ProjectRoot>\spatial\logs\workers\ contain managed worker logs which are the workers started by SpatialOS, specified in your launch configuration.
    2. <ProjectRoot>\spatial\logs\runtime.log contains the logs printed by the SpatialOS Runtime. These are the services required for SpatialOS to run a local deployment.

If you require additional debugging logs you can run spatial local launch with the flag --log_level=debug.

Modify the default behavior

You can modify some of the GDK settings from the Unreal Editor toolbar at Edit > Project Settings >SpatialOS Unreal GDK > Toolbar. You can change:

  • the snapshot file’s filename and location
  • the launch configuration

Next steps:

If you haven’t already, check out: - The multiserver zoning tutorial to learn how to implement cross-server interactions.

Also check out the documentation on cross-server RPCs, handover and Singleton Actors.

2019-10-18 Page updated with editorial review: removed link to deprecated tutorial - multiple deployments for session-based games
2019-07-16 Page updated with editorial review

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