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GDK for Unreal known issues

Known issue = any major user-facing bug or lack of user-facing feature that: 1. diverges from vanilla Unreal design or implementation (e.g. ordering of reliable RPCs), OR 1. diverges from user expectations from a SpatialOS project (e.g. interacting across worker boundaries)

Issue Date added Ticket Workaround?
Order of reliable RPCs is not respected in case of unresolved UObject* parameter. 2018-06-14 UNR-363 Potential user-code workaround to explicitly enforce the order of RPCs.
Dynamic component replication. 2018-07-03 UNR-366 Mimic behavior with static components.
Schema generator fails when the destination file is locked. The workflow is less than ideal as you can’t run it again until you restart the Unreal Editor. 2018-07-16 UNR-350 Ensure destination files/folders are unlocked.
Server travel does not work in PIE. 2018-10-24 Server travel work must be done with external or managed workers
Server travel does not work in multi-worker configurations. 2018-10-24 UNR-678
Gameplay Ability System is not fully supported 2019-02-01 Use the workarounds detailed on the Gameplay Ability System reference page.
ReplicateYes policy on GameplayAbilities not supported. 2018-10-24 UNR-675 Don’t use replicated GameplayAbilities. If they need access to replicated data, store it on the AbilityComponent itself.
NetDeltaSerialize is not supported. 2018-10-24 Use default serialization
Fast TArray replication is supported but not efficient. 2019-02-25 Use default serialization
Sometimes the player is unable to move when spawning 2018-10-30 UNR-691 Reconnect
Seamless Travel is not supported 2019-01-22 UNR-897 Disable Seamless travel
Opening the Editor while you are uploading or launching a cloud deployment disables the GDK Toolbar Start button, and Selecting Stop on the GDK Toolbar stops the running cloud deployment. 2019-02-18 UNR-1006 Wait for the cloud launch to finish, or launch the cloud deployment whilst the Editor is already open.
When launching a client from a cloud deployment, it chooses the first .exe file in alphabetical order, rather than selecting a particular one. 2019-03-06 LAUNCH-341 When building your client, an underscore is added to the correct executable name.
NetMulticast RPCs do not work on Singleton Actors. 2019-03-13 UNR-856 Do not use NetMulticast RPCs on Singleton Actors.
Replicated TimelineComponents are not supported. 2019-03-14 UNR-1105 Use an alternative method of achieving the desired behaviour, such as playing the timeline on a multicast event, or replicating what is changed by the timeline.

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