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Unreal features support

The aim of the GDK is to seamlessly support all native Unreal Engine features, making it easy to create and port any Unreal game code to run on SpatialOS, both in single server and multiserver configurations.

The following tables show the state of support of Unreal Engine features on the GDK, along with any caveats or workaround you should be aware of. The Unreal Engine features support for multiserver configurations of the GDK will be available in Q3 2019.


Fully supported, available now
Supported with caveats or workarounds
Q2 - Q3 2019
Planned for post Q3 2019

Single-Server Support

Support of Unreal features with the GDK in a single server-worker configuration:

Feature Area (Links are to Unreal documentation) Feature (Links are to Unreal documentation) Support Level Notes & Caveats
Gameplay Framework GameMode
Character / Pawn
Level Blueprints
Ability System Supported with workarounds described here. Replicated ability components not supported.
Property Replication Data Property Replication (C++ classes) Using fixed arrays instead of TArrays is significantly faster.
Data Property Replication (Blueprint classes)
Dynamic Object Reference Replication (C++ classes)
Dynamic Object Reference Replication (Blueprint classes)
Stably Named Object Reference Replication
Conditional Replication Replication condition active overrides (DOREPLIFETIME_ACTIVE_OVERRIDE as defined in Unreal documentation) do not work.
Delta Serialization
Fast TArray Serialization Supported, but slower than native UE.
RepNotify Callbacks
Actor Replication Client and server RPCs (C++) Ordering of reliable RPCs is not respected.
Client and Server RPCs (Blueprint) Ordering of reliable RPCs is not respected.
Multicast RPCs RPCs cannot be reliable. (This is due to the distributed systems nature of SpatialOS.)
Actor Roles
Static Subobject Replication
Dynamic Component Replication
Startup Actors
Multiplayer Gameplay Features Split Screen
Replay System
Character Movement
Vehicle Movement
Online Beacons
Online Subsystem Abstraction
Optimization Replication Graph We will present a different system for the same purpose instead.
Net Dormancy
Net Update Frequency
Debugging Gameplay Debugger Currently unsupported due to NetDeltaSerialize dependency.
Cheat Manager
Network Profiler We may not support this tool fully but will have equivalent functionality in SpatialOS metrics.
World Building World Composition / Streaming (Level Streaming)
World Origin Shifting World origin shifting is not supported in multiplayer by Unreal. We will likely provide an alternate solution.
AI Behavior Trees
Environment Query System
Travel Server Travel
Client Travel
Seamless Travel
Misc Physics Simulation
Skeletal Mesh Animation System
Sequence Editor
UE4 4.22 Support Expected before the end of June 2019.
Platforms PC
Xbox One SpatialOS has Xbox One support (announcement), but GDK workflows are not yet optimised for development on it.
PS4 SpatialOS has PS4 support (announcement), but GDK workflows are not yet optimised for development on it.

Multiserver Support

The table for multiserver support is coming soon.

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