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These are the docs for pre-alpha, an old version of SpatialOS. alpha is the newest →

The SpatialOS Unreal GDK (pre-alpha)

Welcome to the SpatialOS and Unreal GDK community.

Our SpatialOS community shapes the functionality of the Unreal GDK, so make sure you are part of the conversation. Come and find us on Discord or talk to us on the Feedback section in our forums (use the unreal-gdk tag - this link takes you there and pre-fills the category and tag). You can also sign up for SpatialOS Unreal GDK updates direct to your mailbox.

What’s the Unreal GDK all about?

The SpatialOS Unreal GDK is an Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) plugin made by Improbable. You can use the Unreal GDK to integrate persistent multiplayer worlds into your Unreal game using the SpatialOS platform. Find out more about the GDK for Unreal in our blogpost.

We are releasing the GDK in pre-alpha so we can react to feedback and iterate on development quickly. To facilitate this, during our pre-alpha stage we don’t have a formal deprecation cycle for APIs and workflows. This means that everything and anything can change. In addition, documentation is limited and some aspects of the GDK are not optimized.

Given this, we don’t recommend using the the Unreal GDK for games in the production phase just yet.

Who is it for?
We recommend you start using the GDK if:

  • You don’t mind the rough edges and are interested in contributing to the GDK (see our contributions policy).
  • You want to start evaluating the GDK or prototyping on it for a future project.

Although every feature you need to build your optimal SpatialOS game may not be ready yet, this is a great time to get involved and shape the Unreal GDK. We are committed to improving the GDK rapidly, aiming for an alpha release in Fall 2018.

Feature List

See the full feature list for what is supported in the Unreal GDK.

Give us feedback

We have released the Unreal GDK this early in development because we want your feedback. Please come and talk to us about the software and the documentation via:

Find us in the #unreal channel. You may need to grab Discord here.

The SpatialOS forums
Visit the feedback section in our forums and use the unreal-gdk tag. This link takes you there and pre-fills the category and tag.

GitHub issues
Create an issue in this repository.

Where to get the GDK and starter projects

The GDK and its starter projects are available on GitHub.

SpatialOS Documentation

Installation and setup

For prerequisites, installation and setup, see the Installation and setup documentation.

Known issues

See the Known issues documentation.


We are not currently accepting public contributions - see our contributions policy. However, we are accepting issues and we do want your feedback.


Run into problems? See the troubleshooting documentation.


We are not supporting the pre-alpha release for game development, as this version is for evaluation only. However, please give us your feedback.


See the latest roadmap (Trello board) and let us know what you’d like to see in there.

Unreal Engine changes

In order to transform Unreal from a single server engine to a distributed model, we had to make a small number of changes to UE4 code. We will attempt to consolidate and remove (or submit as PR to Epic) as many of these changes as possible. You can see the changes in our forked Unreal Engine repo, 4.19-SpatialOSUnrealGDK branch. > You may get a 404 error from this link. To get access, see these instructions.

Email updates

You can sign up for SpatialOS Unreal GDK updates direct to your mailbox.

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